Friday, January 16, 2009

Concentration in the organic industry

I was surprised to learn that many of my favorite organic brands (which were probably small companies at one time) are actually owned by some of the largest food processors in North America. What did you think when you saw this list?

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  1. It was surprising to see that many of the organic brands are not their own companies; instead they are just branches of the larger food corporations. This demonstrates the power of marketing and simple labeling can have on the consumer. With the right advertisements and labels, we think that we are buying from environmentally and socially conscious companies, and are actually helping the environment and society by doing so. The food may well be legitimate "organic" products; there is no false advertising occuring. The large corporations certainly have a right to produce organic products and sell them as such. However, I still feel as though there is some deception as the organic brands are presented as small independent companies, giving the consumer a false sense of social responsibility when purchasing these products. Why would the large corporations want to give consumers this illusion? Why would they want to hide the fact that they have such monopolies on the food industry? They are certainly within every right to produce and sell any type of product they choose. So why the need for this deception?