Monday, March 16, 2009

30 Hour Famine

I was sitting in class when I looked upon one of my classmate's computer screens, which read "30 Hour Famine." I curiously proceeded to google this concept, or idea, or project, whatever it was. What I found was pretty interesting. It is described as an "international youth movement" designed to fight world hunger. The organization's projects are mostly led by high-schoolers, college students, and church youth groups. While fasting for 30 hours, participants raise money and awareness by washing cars, making/selling blankets and clothes, etc. The whole production is ran via the World Vision which is a religious humanitarian organization. The videos and stories featured on their website are uplifting and through further digging I think that RPI is planning a "30 Hour Famine", March 23-24.

Follow this link for a video:

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