Monday, February 15, 2010

An ethical Butcher?

I found this website while stumbling on the internet the other day. It tells the story of Berlin Reed, a vegetarian who was employed as a part time butcher and describes his time there as a "journey from vegetarianism to ethical omnivorism and theorizes an environmentally friendly future for meat."This article fit in really well with what we had just read in class, so I decided to share it with you all. Although he proposes that everyone become an ethical omnivore and be more conscious about how much and where they purchase their meat, will that really make a difference?

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  1. Good link! (The comments there are interesting as well). "He argues that people need to begin viewing beef as an occasional delicacy rather than a staple." This is basically what I was arguing in class, until the western diet shifts away from being so meat-centric, we're going to continue to have the vast majority of the meat produced in non-sustainable and ecologically damaging ways. All meat doesn't have to become a "delicacy," but the 80/20 meat/non-meat ratio in the "western diet" needs to flip, simply based efficiency and sustainability (ignoring all animal rights reasons). It takes something like an order of magnitude more energy to produce meat compared to plants (depending on the specific statistic) and thats with industrialized techniques.