Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How foods development has changed us

I believe one could argue that before agriculture came to be developed, we could be classified as an NEP or New Ecological Paradigm society. In regards to the fact that we saw ourselves as part of the ecological system on the planet. While we were in this paradigm, we were a society that was broken up into the hunters and gathers. In additional, we were a nomadic society in regards to the fact that we did not stay in any place an extended period of time for various reasons. Some of those reasons could be that we followed the various animals that we hunted. Another reason is that we had to move to a new location during changes in our environment.

However, once we learned the benefits of agriculture, human society has forever been changed to one that is HEP or Human Exemption Paradigm society. With the development of agriculture, we moved away from being a part of the ecological system. In addition, we were propelled to the top of the food chain which quite literally allowed us to take the controlling position away from mother nature. Prior to its development, the size of our society were extremely limited.

However thanks to the development of agriculture, we have become an every growing society. Since its discovery we have become a society with nearly 7 billion strong. It has allowed us to nearly domesticate most if not all the plants and animals around us. With agriculture we no longer have to move place to place based on the migrations of animals and/or changes in the seasons. Instead we find it more convenient to change nature itself than for us to change ourselves.

Source: Modern Food Origins - Today's (3/23) class reading

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