Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morality of GMO's

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) are becoming a huge part in everyday life, or at least in our foods. For this discussion genetic engineering will be defined as alternating the DNA of a living organism. They have also stirred up a lot of controversy along with moral judgments, such as we should just leave mother nature alone and Gods creation alone.
GMOs include a variety of plants and animals that have been altered at the DNA level to try to bring out some quality that is desired, such as resistant to pesticides or adding a vitamin or mineral. Companies have then been able to patient their seeds and can only be used once, but is it really fair to patient living organisms? And then once these organisms are planted by farmers and grow and spread seeds, the companies that have patients on the seeds and what ever seed they breed with they own. So, is owning a seed ok? How about owning a gene sequence in an animal and owning everything it breads with? Or how about creating a baby by selecting the best genes from the mother and father and then owning that child? And if you think this hasn't been thought of, then watch then 1997 film Gattaca. So where do we draw the line of what type of life we can and cannot own. Like with plants we can't stop nature doing what nature does, so how can big business claim that it's the farmers fault when a GM seed is breed with a non GM seed. Its not like big business would try and claim that they own a human that they genetically alter, or would they? But lets say, and hope, they wouldn't, so then what makes it OK for them the say they own a seed. Why yes they put all the time and money into it, so therefore they own the gene sequence and such. By that means they'll be only ones able to produce and sell it. So from the aspect of owning the seed is there, but once it leaves the factory and purchased, the person who bought it owns it now right? Not according the patient laws that allows these big businesses to sue farmers for reusing the seed, even if the seed got mixed in with another farmers seed who didn't intend on using it.
But back to the morals concerning Genetic Engineering plants, how far are we to let this go. This could just be the frontal push for the public to come accustomed to genetic engineering. Politics use this principle of only showing a little bit of their big plan and after time show us a bit more and we become desensitized to what is really going on around us. If they just put their entire plan right in our lap we would have nothing to do with it and be done with the hole thing. So could genetically engineering plants just be the for front of us becoming desensitized to organizations and companies genetically engineering animals and babies. I believe that one day we will have a society much as the film Gattaca depicts, it'll just take time to desensitize the public eye.


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  2. To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance.