Saturday, April 3, 2010

Student/Farmworker Alliance

In class on Friday we discussed the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and their campaign for fair pay and safe working conditions in the Florida tomato fields. There is currently a "Dine With Dignity" campaign focusing on Sodexo, the food service company that serves the RPI campus. Any RPI students interested in bringing the campaign to this campus?


  1. Hey y'all! Came across this post courtesy of a google alert. Nice to know that people are discussing the CIW and SFA in class! There's an updated letter to Sodexo that can be downloaded here: You can send that directly to the corporate headquarters, or bring it to the director of dining on your campus.

    Also, here's a bibliography touching on mnay themes that have to do with farmworkers and the agricultural industry:

  2. I think it would be an excellent idea. I've often wondered where my food comes from when I walk into commons

  3. I agree, I recently was in one of the dining halls and was disappointed with the choices. Also, it would be nice to know where the food comes from, and utilize the huge cost of a meal plan to support local producers or the small-scale farmers who lose out like we have been talking about.