Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Issues brought up by Food, Inc

Cheap foods contain lots of calories:
  • 33% of kids born after 2000 will have diabetes
  • 50% of kids have some sort of obesity related issue
  • Cheaper to buy cheap foods, $1 burger, than it is to buy vegetables, broccoli, that cost $1.29 per pound.
Production of animals:
  • Chickens are grown in less than a month and a half, it would "naturally" take three months to fully grow a chicken. Chemicals help them grow faster. Antibiotics also given but it is not beneficial to the chicken but instead the antibiotics get transferred to the animals and humans and can harm them.
  • If the chickens are lucky enough, they will be able to walk a few feet, otherwise they wont be able to walk at all. This is caused by the fact that they now weigh twice as much as they would "naturally."
  • Solution: Corn is used to feed animals because its subsidized. As such, stop subsidizing corn and farms should have to eat animals the correct food.
Food feed to animals:
  • Animals feed foods that they would not "naturally" eat. Corn based foods are given to fish, i don't know what foods fish eat but i do know its not corn.
  • Corn is also feed to cows which "naturally" eat grasses instead. A new strain of e-coli known as E0157H7 has spread between cows as a result of forcing cows to eat corn instead of grasses.
  • Solution - By feeding cows grass for 5 weeks, it will remove any chance of e-coli outbreak from occurring.
  • Less than 5 companies own betweem 65% to 85% in both the meat and pork industries.
  • These companies are not being charged with Monopoly status.


  1. Anyone else seeing the 3rd bullet showing up in Greek? I can only read it when I copy and paste it.

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