Thursday, May 13, 2010


Food localism builds local production for local consumption in order to minimize greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, to support and diversify local agriculture, and to promote local food security and food sovereignty (

Most of the foods we consume today travel hundreds of miles to our homes. We eat certain foods when they are in and out of season, and most of food product at home are from large cooperation’s such as general mills etc. But whatever happened to home grown gardens or local farms??? Farming in the past use to be a lot more popular than it is today. This was an enjoyable and relaxing part of life, and is slowly becoming extinct. Food from local farms are usually way tastier and are way higher in nutritional value. Local farmers breed for taste big companies breed their crops to last long transportation times
Localism help creates a healthy social connection with producer and consumer. The focus is the community and a certain trust bond is created. This is important because food safety has become an increasingly important subject amongst consumers. Local farms are usually very sustainable and are environmentally friendly. So why not more local farms??? Well the government does very little to help these farmers creating financial pressure on them, they are competing with companies that spend millions of dollars on advertisements catching most consumers eyes, local farmers produce cannot travel far, and foods produce are generally a bit more expensive then processed foods.
What can we do to promote localism?

• Try and visit your local food market, you would be amazed at the atmosphere freshness of foods displayed
• Eat healthy, and introduce your family to better eating habits
• Growing your own food is also a great idea


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