Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fast Food

I found this article particularly interesting because growing up my family and I would constantly be on the go. We would always be juggling different sports between my brother and I, and different school events between my parents, along with their jobs. Fast food would always be looked upon as a solid solution to dinner or lunch and even sometimes breakfast.

I chose this edit because I thought it related to myself and possibly others. I use to eat a lot of fast food. I think the main reason for this is like what I mentioned above, constantly being on the go. Now a days, I find time to pack a healthier snack, something that is organic or close to it. I look back on eating fast food and it makes me sick in a way. It would be very interesting to see what they are pumping into all these meats and vegetables that they serve, and stress are healthy for average people. I would love to see a behind-the-scenes and watch peoples reactions. I feel as it would not be what some people would expect.

I really like the correlation between the tobacco industry and the fast food industry. I think it makes sense in a way. Obesity can be closely related to fast food, something that does not help your overall health. Same can be said for tobacco products, something that does not help your overall health. It will be interesting to see what will happen to this industry in the years ahead to see if any lawsuits come from it and their outcomes. I for one, try and stay away from fast food as much as I can and prefer the much safer and healthier route with organic or natural foods.

Anyways enjoy the reading and keep in mind the healthier way. You may seem pressed for time when rushing from something to something, but try and make the better choice for a more healthier way.

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  1. This is kind of off topic, but whenever I think about the connection between tobacco and fast food, I wonder what would happen if taxes were imposed on fast food as they are with tobacco. The idea with the recently imposed tobacco tax, some people say, was to reduce consumption. I'm just curious what the effects would be if there was a similar tax on fast food, or really any type of food that could contribute to the obesity epidemic?
    Personally, I think it would be a very slippery slope. I mean, who is to decide exactly what constitutes "fast food" and what should or should not be taxed?
    That said, would it even have an effect or would people continue to buy despite the increase in price?